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Hi and Welcome to DianWard.

Since establishing the company in 2002 I can truly say I have enjoyed every moment in this amazing industry.

In moving forward, I can say Our Standard is Luxury.

The first step to looking fantastic is feeling fantastic. You can have the most fashionable hair in the world, or the latest treatment, but if you don’t feel happy, you won’t step out with that complete confidence that really turns heads.



That’s what makes DianWard Salons so special.

Yes, we have the latest and best products. Yes, we have the best stylists with the awards to prove it. And yes, we have 18 years of hard-earned experience. But what makes us truly different is that we take the time to find the cut or treatment that is right for YOU, as an individual.

We’ll advise and recommend, but also listen, so that you can be completely confident that you’re getting exactly what you want.

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